Diamanti di Luna

Diamanti di Luna



Contact Anita Rizzetto


Website www.moonsdiamonds.co.uk
Telephone 07478 460050
Location Buckinghamshire
Prefix Diamanti di Luna (DiamantidiLuna)
Affiliation The Old-style Siamese Club

“Diamanti di Luna” (meaning “Moon Diamond’s”) is a registered and licensed Cattery with both the WCF and TICA and member of OSS Club. 

I fell in love with this breed when I was child, my best friends and the joys of my childhood were a couple of Old Style Siamese cats. As a result I have been breeding Old Style Siamese cats since 2006, in Milan (Italy) until we moved to UK with our cats as part of our family. I have a Masters Degree Cat Breeding obtained from the National Headquarters of Italian Medical Veterinary.  We only breed Old Style Siamese cats (called Thai in TICA), pure Siamese (no Orientals). 

My kittens are raised in the family home and they leave us at around 13 weeks, after being spayed early, vaccinated, vet checked, wormed and microchipped.  All cats are negative tested for Fiv and Felv and also genetically tested for PRA.  Our cats and kittens are part of our family living with us, our son and our Golden Retriever dog in a rural town located in beautiful county of Buckinghamshire.  We actually have 1 active Stud and 1 Queen, though are awaiting another Stud and another future Queen.

*(In the UK the usual age for neutering or spaying is still around 6 months.The recommendation of neutering at around 6 months of age is based on perceived risks of earlier neutering that have been shown to be false (eg, the supposed effect on development of the male urethra) or are no longer relevant (eg, the ‘risk’ of anaesthesia in younger animals). However, current scientific data suggests that there are no detrimental effects from neutering at a younger age (eg, from 8 weeks onwards. ‘Early neutering’ can thus be regarded as neutering cats at 8–12 weeks of age, and considered both safe and appropriate.

Cats Protection, RSPCA Greater Manchester (The RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital has neutered tens of thousands of cats. An increasing proportion of this work is in younger kittens – both owned and rescue animals. Using a quad anaesthetic combination of medetomidine, ketamine, buprenorphine and midazolam (unlicensed in combination; a free app called Kitten Quad helps calculation of doses), the procedure is quick and simple. Surgery carries a lower risk of morbidity in kittens and anaesthetic recoveries are superior to those seen in adults.) and encourage early neutering too.




Find an Early Neutering Vet: www.cats.org.uk




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