Contact Mrs Julie Singleton

Telephone 01278 671868
Location Somerset (Bridgewater)
Prefix Sialaxy
Affiliation The Old-style Siamese Club
Breeder of lovely Old Style Siamese and also Tonkinese.  GCCF Breeder Scheme member. 
I breed for health and longevity as well as trying to retain the look and characteristics of this lovely breed. 
My main focus is on retaining and expanding  the current gene pool, so along with a fellow breeder I have imported a number of pure O.S. Siamese unrelated lines.  By doing this I am ensuring that there is minimal inbreeding in my kittens. 
It has taken time but I now have the majority of my breeding cats registered on the Full (CS) Siamese Register (i.e. pedigrees containing only Siamese).  The majority of my kittens are born and reared in may home and are fully socialised  (within the limits of my household).  From time to time I have retired Queens/Studs available to forever homes.
There is lots of information and photos available on my website.  
I am always happy to show potential adoptive parents around my cattery so that you can meet all my cats.



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