vom Blauen Halbmond

vom Blauen Halbmond



Contact Dipl.-Ing(FH) Martina Matschinsky


Website www.thaikatzen-vom-blauen-halbmond.de
Telephone +49 (0) 174-9335116
Location International (N.E. Germany)
Prefix vom Blauen Halbmond
Affiliation The Old-style Siamese Club

My name is Martina. My cattery has been registered since 2003 and is located in the north-east of Germany, (Mecklenburg/Vorpommorn).

Here, surrounded by the wide fields and lakes, I breed happy and healthy type, full old style Siamese cats, famous for their lovely character.

If you’re looking for a real friend who is always close to you, makes you laugh and happy, you should decide to share your life with our Cats.

They are raised in our family and the whole Siamese family, so that they learn their social rules.  My kittens don´t know fear or mistrust, and leave when they are at least 14 weeks, preferably as a couple of two siblings.

Solitary confinement is no option for my kitten!

I feed B.A.R.F., all cats are free from PRA and checked for HCM using echocardiography.

The kittens have all the vaccinations, a microchip and EU-passport, a pedigree, a veterinarian health certificate and the new owners also get a detailed (feeding) instruction for their new friends.



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