Contact Mrs Cynthia Hopper


Website www.wiccacats.co.uk
Telephone 01304 830904
Location Kent
Prefix Wicca
Affiliation The Old-style Siamese Club
I have been breeding old-style Siamese for 14 years and strive to produce healthy, happy good "type"  cats and am a GCCF registered breeder.
I am a small hobby breeder and the cats live in my home as family. I have a large dog  which helps to socialise kittens that do go to homes with other pets. 
I have, with another breeder imported  4 studs from the USA to improve the diversity of our breed and enlarge the gene pool.  I do sell on the active register to good breeders who, like myself want to improve and promote the old style Siamese.
I am retired and have time to devote to my cats giving them a good quality of life. They all have access to a large enclosed garden.
I welcome people to come and see my cats and their home.

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