Proposed amendment to Constitution

Proposed amendment to Constitution




Section 4 - titled Committee

Proposed addition in BOLD type

i) No member serving on any type of Siamese (or Siamese related breed) club committee of any unaffiliated organisation will be considered for the OSSC committee due to conflict of interest.  Any person who has been elected to the committee and is subsequently found to be on such a committee will be subject to instant dismissal without the right of appeal.  They will also be subject to a lifelong ban from being re-elected to the committee.  See 4(o).  They may also have their membership suspended or be expelled from the club at the discretion of the committee.

j) If a member is currently serving on the committee of a cat club of an unaffiliated organisation, a prior declaration must be made by said member before a co-option or voluntary application to join the OSSC committee is made.  If the committee decides that it is probable that a conflict of interest is likely to occur, that member will not be considered for the committee. The committee’s decision will be final.  The committee will ask any prospective committee member in a timely manner if they need to make such a declaration.  AS IN 4(I) ABOVE,  ANY PERSON WHO HAS BEEN ELECTED TO THE COMMITTEE AND IS SUBSEQUENTLY  FOUND TO BE ON SUCH A COMMITTEE WILL BE SUBJECT TO INSTANT DISMISSAL WITH THE RIGHT OF APPEAL  THEY WILL ALSO BE SUBJECT TO A LIFELONG BAN FROM BEING ELECTED TO THE COMMITTEE.  SEE 4(o).  THEY MAY ALSO HAVE THEIR MEMBERSHIP SUSPENDED OR BE EXPELLED FROM THE CLUB AT THE DISCRETION OF THE COMMITTEE.