Wicca Starman

Wicca Starman



Registered   CS 24c (SIA c)
Owner Mrs Julie Singleton
Email julie.singleton@googlemail.com
Website www.tonkyway.co.uk
Telephone 01278 671868
Location Somerset (Bridgewater)

Starman is a lovely gentle Lilac point boy who is growing well. He will be available to tested OSS queens from April 2018.

Stamen is PRA Negative and is on the GCCF Full Register.

Availablity         Available to FeLV/FIV tested queens on the active register from April 2018.
Breeder              Mrs C Hopper
Sire                    Stonearch Shogun Harry
Dam                   Lintama Geisha Girl
Born                   Tuesday, February 07, 2017
Owner                Sialaxy and Tonkyway
Contact              Mrs Julie B Singleton

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